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Top 4 Senior Photo Myths

Here are some myths about senior portraits. 

1. I HAVE to use the school's yearbook photographer - WRONG! The school may suggest that you be photographed by their recommended photographer, but all you have to do is have a yearbook head shot done by them. Have your real senior portraits done where ever you want to. It is your choice!

2. Senior portraits are expensive - Not true. Although many clients love their photos and will spend a lot on them, not every client will. You may choose to spend as little as $200  or save a lot of money by choosing our art collections. The choice is yours. 

3. My relative/friend can take my senior portraits - OK, but let us assure you that it takes so much more than just owning a camera to be a photographer. Our photographers have had years of training and have won multiple awards for their images.By using proper lighting and posing techniques, they know exactlly how to make you look your best. 

4. You make everyone look good! -  All right you got us on that one. That is our job. To make you look your best.