2017 - 2018 - Stephenville Sports Media Projects 

Here is what we are doing this year!

This page is frequently updated. This will be the page you will go to ALL YEAR for info regarding ALL SPORTS photos and PROJECTS your son or daughter will be involved in.

Update 8/29/17 - Hello Everyone! We have not had consistent electricity and phone service for the last couple days at the studio. We have damage to our lines coming into the studio from broken tree branches etc. Please be patient with us we get back everything back online with ATT & PEC.


1. Buy Your Program Ad for the Homecoming Mega Program Due Sept 15th and/ Cover or Backcover Sponsorship - Click Here!

2. 2017 Homecoming Program Intro Letter - Click Here!  

3. Review the proposed cover list for 2017  - Click Here!

4. Add Yourself to our Closed Facebook Group - "Backstage Pass for SHS Sports Parents and Performers".  Exclusive behind the scene videos, exclusive downloads and more will be posted to this group. Click in this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bspshs/

5. A Word About Proofs...
With the sheer number of students and projects we work on, we are unable to post proofs for everyone and all the projects we work on for ordering. We do however offer 100% satisfaction and will refund or retake the photo in your order!

The only exception to this are the Varsity individual or Group Banners. The banners include proofing in their price.


Varsity, JV & Freshmen Football -  (Everything we are doing.) Click Here!

Media Day/Picture Day For ALL Teams is Aug 12th. ORDER PHOTOS CLICK HERE!

7:00am     Coaches

7:30am     Varsity FB

8:30am     JV Blue FB

9:30am     JV White FB

10:00am   Freshmen FB


1:00pm     Varsity Green Screen Shots for Program Covers


Evening Shoot with Varsity Moms and Players at the Soccer Field Time (TBA) 


Varsity, JV & Freshmen Teams

Media Day/Picture Day For ALL Teams is Aug 14th.   Click Here to Order!

8:00am     All Levels


Varsity, JV & Freshmen Squads

Media Day/Picture Day For ALL Squads is Aug 14th.   Click Here to Order!

4:00pm     Cheer All Levels, Mascots and Flag Runners


Media Day/Picture Day for XC is August 14th at 10 am. Click here to Order!


Media Day/Picture Day For Stings is Aug 14th.   Click Here to Order!

2:00pm     Stings Photos All Dancers


Media Day/Picture Day For Band is Aug 14th.   Click Here to Order!

12:00pm     Band All Sections

Soceer - TBD

Basketball - TBD

Baseball - TBD

Softball - TBD

Boys & Girl's Golf - TBD

Powerlifting - TBD

 Tennis - TBD

Track - TBD