Mini Sessions - What's Next?

We want to thank you for participating in our senior mini sessions. We did these special sessions so our "senior kids" whom we have known since the 2nd grade at LVES, would have photos on hand to start their senior adventure. Specifically, we wanted them to have a nice cap n gown photo, and head shots on hand  for scholarships, college entrance forms etc.  Many of you have asked us what's next?  We created this page to answer this question and a couple others we have received.


 Option 1: Buying Photos and Invites with the Photos I Love from My Mini Session.

If you would like to buy invites and prints from the photos from your senior's mini session, you can click on the LEARN MORE link below.  There you will find print packages and invites to choose from.  All print packages and invites are retouched and delivered in a keepsake box. We deliver these items to you  within 3 business days of the proof being approved.  All invites are frame-able sizes and are perfect keepsakes for your family and friends.


Option 2:  You are Happy with the Mini Session, But You Want More?

For our Lago Vista seniors that did the mini session but want something more custom, option 2 is just what you are looking for. You automatically get the "50/50" promo. This translates to $50 toward  an order of of $250.00 or more and gives you 50% off our 2 hour senior session aka Elements session, regularly priced at $200. Print Packages start at $350.00. Customized Invites sets start $260.00 You can go to LEARN MORE link below to take a look at photo examples, invites examples and more.


Become Part of Our Ambassador Team

Lago Vista is our home base. We are always surprised how many seniors our kids know from other schools. If you are interested in becoming part our Vasara Seniors 2017 Ambassador Team, please call or text us as 512-965-8737.