Sports Media 101 For Varsity Teams

Welcome to Varsity!  The Varsity level is different from other levels of teams.  Varsity teams feature the best athletes that our school has for a specific sport.  Varsity doesn’t have  a “picture day”; Varsity teams get to experience “Media Day”.  Media Day is a collegiate experience at the high school level.  Depending on your school, these images will be featured on banners, programs, social media promotions, recruitment pages, scholarship applications, senior year book ads, promotional posters, promotional items and printed photos.

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8x10 MemoryMate Plaque .jpg
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Glossary of Terms:

Returning Varsity – When a player was on varsity team for a specific sport the previous year and is on varsity again for the current year.

Sports Media Kit – A collection of images and products that feature your athlete. The sports media kits main purpose is to contain products that meet the needs of fundraising, recruitment, senior yearbook ads, promote school spirit, provide keeps to the player and his family for the entire season. 

Big Head – It is an 18”x24” sign that is just your player’s head with their jersey number (if applicable). Parents typically take them t games to cheer on their player. It is retouched and the player is looking forward.

Yard Sign – It is an 18” x 24” sign that features your player’s banner Image.  It also comes with the detachable stake to put the sign in your front yard for the season,

Spirit Mini Banner – It is a 1’x2’ hand held horizontal banner of your player’s team collaged together. It is also a fundraiser.

"Smile for Mom" button – It is a 3” Button of your player smiling for his mom. Crop is at waist to head.

Promo Images – These are images that are created to promote your athletes and/or  games on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snap Chat.  Team Leaders create a schedule  for the season. Promo images are released to the players and their parents via text per the schedule.  When it is your players turn, and you and your athlete will post an image on a specific date.  They are an announcement to let people know to come to games and support our team.  These are ONLY offered in Media Kits.

Senior Promo – This is an image of your senior player in their uniform holding a cap and tassel. These are posted on or before Senior Night, which is typically the last home game.

Hit Squad – This is an aggressive team collage on a 1 ft by 2 ft handheld spirit banner. You take it to games and use it to cheer on your team.It is a fundraiser.

Special Team – These are varsity  football sub-groups such as offensive line, defensive line, quarter backs Punt Return, Punt Team, Kick-Off Team, Kick-Return…

Traditional Group Photo – This is a Football and Cheer photo on risers outside on the football field or inside the green room.

Non-Traditional Group Photo – This a composite image of all players photographed individually on green screen and collaged together. They are not taken on risers or outside. They are shot on green screen on player at a time.