Football Program Cover Shot List

These are rough examples of what we plan to design for each football sports program cover this season. These are arranged in order of the football game schedule. For the SHS Coaches helping us identify who should be in the photo, please do not hesitate to call  or text us at 512-965-8737. We want to avoid having duplicates in terms of the team breakdown. We are totally open to suggestions.

hanna 3.jpg

Program 1: ALL Offense  Sept 1 - Cleburne - 15 players (Home)


Program 2: ALL "War Dogs" Defense - Sept 8 Springtown - 15 players (Away)


Program 3: Heart of Gold

hanna 4.jpg

Program 4: Seniors - Sept 22 Decatur - 10ish players (AWAY)

*The word "SENIORS" would replace St Albans in the background.


Program 5: ALL Yellow Jacket Defense - Is there a subset or is this a bigger ground than the War Dogs? We are trying not to repeat the cover for program 2 above? - Sept 29 Graham - 15 players (AWAY)

dragons _hanna.jpg

Program 6: Cover features "The Wall" Offense Line Homecoming  Mega Program 80+ Pages- Oct 6 Lubbock Monterey - 15 players (HOME) Again, is this a subset of Offense like "Skills"? We just do not want to repeat program cover 1 above.

hanna 2.jpg

Program 7: Whole Team plus Coaches - Oct 20 Brownwood - 40 + players and coaches (AWAY)

*"Burn the Wood! All in." Would be in place if Nitro.


Program 8: Receivers, Quarterbacks, Runningbacks - Oct 27 Big Spring - 12 players (HOME)


Program 9: Returning Varsity - Nov 3 Snyder - 17 players - "The Body Achieves What the mind Believes" (AWAY)

Program 10: Senior mom's with Players- Senior Night - Nov 10 Abilene Wylie - 20 players (HOME)

Program 11: Quarterbacks and Kickers - Playoffs - 5 player


Program 12: Corners and Safety Defensive Backs "The Sharks" - Playoffs - 6 or 7 Players

**Shark Jaws in the Background


Program 13: Linebackers - Playoffs - 5 or 6 players