Florence Football Photo Shoot List for:

Banner, Newspaper, Yearbook, 13 Program Covers, Countdown Photos,

Returning Varsity Poster, Pictures Day Traditional Photos, & Buttons

(All Available for Purchase.}

1- Banners and Individual Program photos

New Football Banner Example - This banner will have the following info: jersey number. team motto, year, position & name. We will put the Florence Buffalos logo on it. The background is the lockers you see in the photos. Players can pick 2 poses. We shoot 2 IN CASE YOU DO NOT LIKE THE FIRST PROOF, WE HAVE A BACKUP. One will be used. We will text the proof to the players and moms for approval. This will be done the Monday after photos.

We need:

-List of numbers of moms and their players so we can send proofs

- Varsity Football Roster

-A volunteer mom to get the new player's mom and player's phone number on picture day so we can text them a proof.


-Let parents and players know we will be sending proofs and they need to be approved ASAP!



2- Newspaper Headshot: Banner Image will be used for news outlets:Arms will be down so it can be cropped by the newspaper.

We need:

-Varsity Roster

-A Volunteer Mom to Proof. the images to make sure we are not missing anyone.


-Coach Bode will have a dropbox link so she can use the images as needed.

3. Button Photo and/or Football Recruitment Photo. This is the banner photo without the banner info.

4.Traditional Individual Football Photo

5. Traditional Group Football Photos for Yearbook, Parents, School and newspapers.

6. Returning Varsity

7. Countdown Photos for Social Media. We will have the captians/QB take these photos. These players and their mom will post these images throughout the

Band of Sisters SHS Soceer_sig_bannerV4.jpg

7, 2017 Varsity Football Playoff Poster. This is what we did for girls soceer, baseball and softball recently. Click here to see more of our recent work.

8. Varsity Moms Group Photo.

We will photograph mom/player individual photos and this group photo above. The individual will not have any other players legs in it as seen in the example above. Players are wearing a white jersey and blue jeans,  Moms will be wearing a dark blue navy top.

 If time permits we will do a second group photo TBA.  

NOTE:  Please let the Varsity Team MOM ??? if there is a player that does not have a mom or a mom that will not be available for this date.  We want to make sure that every player on varsity is included!